6/1/09  |  Apologies to those of you inconvenienced by the website’s temporary disappearance.  I’m not entirely sure how long we were down, but there was confusion with our web provider about billing and we temporarily became a picture of a young woman and links to searches that no one likely cares about.  If you benefited from those links, then we’ll take all the credit.  For those of you who missed it, forget I even mentioned this.  =)  Hopefully these billings errors won’t occur again in the future.  –  Andrew

5/6/09  |  The old website wasn’t being updated like it should have for two reasons.  The first is that Andrew (the webmaster) is in college and easily distracted.  The second is that the old format took forever to update.  This new system, powered by WordPress, will allow for quicker updates.  It’s current state is not likely to be the final version, but it should be an effective layout for the near future.  If you find any bugs in the system, e-mail us at so that we can fix them.  Thanks for your patience.  –  Andrew

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